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Cures For Insomnia - Ways To Fall Asleep

Many sleep experts and sleep specialists have made a wake-up call to people who prefer to swallow pills rather than take steps to correct their insomnia problems. Numerous medical doctors unanimously warns that long-term sleeplessness and insomnia can leads to many health problems or even death. However, if you think that sleeping pills can help you, you are definitely wrong. This is because those that resort to sleeping pills usually end up adddicted to the medication and drugs.

However, an acceptable sleep medication might be melatonin, popularly known as the 'jet-lag pill'. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by th pineal gland in the human brain and is also a powerful antioxidant. On the other hand, anti-depressants pills are suitable for those suffering from anxiety or depression and are unable to sleep well at night. Of course, all these pills and drugs only force you to sleep unnaturally. If you want to have good health, you must enjoy your sleep and have a good night sleep naturally.

Most people voluntarily do not get enough sleep because they do not realise the price they have to pay for it. Chronic insomnia can increase the risk of heart disease, cause weight gain and make the sufferer susceptible to diabetes and depression.

If you are deprive of quality sleep time, not only can it affects your alertness, it can also make you have lower vigilance whereby accidents can occur on the roads or even in the workplace.

In addition, lack of sleep impairs the normal growth and development of children and adolescents. Furthermore, the lack of sleep will lead to behavioural disturbances and more mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder. Medical doctors all around the world said that tiredness, lethargy, poor concentration, mental stress and irritability add to this casualty list.

Many life situations as well as the sufferers' personality traits can be the reasons for their sleep problems or insomnia. It might help if the patient starts by having some insight into his or her own personality traits. Most people who are proned to sleeping problems and insomnia are usually anxious, pessimistic, overly emotional or tense.

Situations that can trigger sleep difficulties include family conflict, relationship conflict, work or financial stress, job stress, health problems, loss of a loved one or migration.

Sleep Specialist List The Following Remedies For Insomnia:


Ways To Fall Asleep

  • Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex.
  • Get into bed only when one is sleepy.
  • Do not laze in bed after waking up in the morning.
  • Sleep and wake up at about the same time daily.
  • Don't fret about being unable to sleep.
  • Get up and do something pleasant if sleep does not come and return to bed only when sleepy again.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks too near bedtime.
  • Do not watch an exciting television show or read a thriller before bedtime.
  • Avoid sleeping pills.

To help with sleeping, doing some stretching or non-vigorous physical exercise some hours before bedtime can help insomnia and helps you to fall asleep quickly. Instead of counting sheep, the anxious sufferer might help himself or herself to fall asleep easily by thinking of relaxing activites and scenarios like a walk in the forest or lying on the beach enjoying the sea breeze.

Biofeedback Techniques To Help With Insomnia

Another help for insomnia and natural cures for insomnia is to use Biofeedback techniques. In this technique, you have to control your involuntary bodily functions like heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. Therapists usually use electrodes on their  patients' bodies to monitor these activities. The data measurements can be displayed on a monitor that both the patient and the therapist can view. The patient will, over several sessions, be taught to relax and slow down brain wave activity.

For ideal sleep duration, most adults, including the elderly, require six to ten hours a night and those who make do with four to five hours are simply not getting enough rest. And you have to take note that it is a misconception that the elderly require less sleep.

My conclusion is: If you can't sleep, get up and do something pleasant like listening to soothing and relaxation music. Go to bed only when you are sleepy again.

Stress plays a part of contributing to insomnia, sleep disorders or sleep problems. The side effects of insomnia are tremendous and your health could be sacrifice because of sleeplessness. You can rely on sleeping pills over the clinic's counter but this is not a natural way to help you fall asleep and treat insomnia. Most of the time in life, we must learn to help ourselves and not rely on others or things to help us. You need to first relax your body and mind before you can fall asleep easily. Hence, learn to conquer any stress in your life, be it in your workplace or at home. You have to take things easy and learn to let go when necessary. Focus on having a stress-free life and soon you will find sleeping an enjoyment and you will be able to fall asleep quickly everytime.

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