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Effects Of Stress On The Body

The effects of stress on the body is tremendous and should not be taken lightly. Most people who suffered from stress tends to be oblivion themselves. These people usually suffered silently and this will lead to them being easily irritated with the people around them - relationship with colleagues, friends, love partner and family will slowly deteriorate. They lose their purpose of life and often find life meaningless and a chore. In fact, seventy-five to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

People who suffered from stress not only bring misery to the people around them, they also create terrible negative effects on their body, mind and soul. Health problems are a major consequence of failure to manage stress properly. Your state of mind contribute to your overall health. If you are frequently under tremendous stress, your whole body system will be interrupted and disrupted. Worse still, if you do not take immediate actions to deal with stress and find ways to reduce stress, health problems like heart diseases and hypertension will surface.

The effects of stress on the body is a very powerful and impactful enemy. We must try our best to enforce stress reduction techniques, stress management techniques and do some stress relief exercise to manage stress effectively. Personally speaking, stress cannot be cured or totally eliminated. Stress is a part and parcel of life and we must learn to deal with stress properly.

Stress affects our lifestyle and we can’t get away from it totally. Some come from the pressure of work, problems in relationships, money, school assignment and examinations. Even environmental changes such as change in the weather may also trigger off some stress related symptoms in a person. Nevertheless, a moderate amount of stress can serve you good by making you feel energize, motivated and improve your performance overall. But too much of stress can be debilitating.

Our human body is designed in such a way that when we experience stress, we will react to it. Positive stress can keep us alert and ready to avoid danger, whereas negative stress makes a person to face continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between challenges. Consequently, a person will become overworked and stress-related tension accumulate up.

Let me touch on the topic of what are the effects of stress on the body. Your body is like a fragile vase and you need to take good care of it and prevent it from falling down and broken into pieces.

Physical illnesses related to stress are numerous and varied. Some of these include a poor immune system, which results in a person falling sick easily, mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorders and heart diseases like heart failure, heart attack and hypertension and even body weight may be affected with some experiencing weight gain  and other having weight loss significantly. The following is a list of the effects of stress on the body.

Effects Of Stress On The Body:

  • You may feel nervous easily especially in social environment
  • You may experience pain of any kind which may occur on any parts of your body
  • You may experience muscle tension and severe muscle pain
  • You may experience frequent tension headaches
  • You may feel tired constantly (even when you wake up in the morning)
  • You may have stomach upset
  • Your heart rate may increase tremendously and this may lead to heart problems
  • Your blood pressure may increase and elevated blood pressure may set in and leads to cardiovascular diseases
  • You may experience chest pain
  • You may have difficulty falling asleep which will lead to insomnia
  • You may be sleeping too much
  • You may develop skin conditions, such as eczema
  • You may experience loss of sex drive, which may lead to infertility
  • You may have severe digestive problems like diarrhoea or constipation
  • You may have hair loss or early graying of hair
  • You may experience severe weight-gain or weight-loss
  • Missed or irregular periods in women

Stress also becomes harmful when people use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs to try to relieve their stress. Unfortunately, these methods are harmful as instead of bring us back to our relaxed state, these substances tend to make our body stays in a stressed state and cause more health problems.

Simply said, if your stress is less unchecked or untreated, the prolonged influence of stress will affect your health and you are almost certain to become another victim to the side effects of stress. You may even suffer from stroke or severe depression!

There are many ways to manage stress and one of the most effective way is to practise deep breathing exercise. Through deep breathing, you can be aware of your body and subconsciously, your heart rate will become normal and you will achieve calmness and relaxation. This will effectively stop your stress. Do deep breathing frequently to prevent stress from building up in the long term.

We can never defeat or totally get rid of stress, but we can conquer it and prevent it from building up. If you want to get your life back by being stress-free and enjoy peace, harmony and happiness almost everyday, "Conquering Stress" by Chris Green is definitely your answer to a happier life. This e-book is written by an ex-chronic anxiety and depression victim who discloses his journey to battling stress and eventually overcoming it. "Conquering Stress" is an amazing book which will teach you on how to effectively conquer stress without having to eat antidepressants or any other long-term drugs and medications. You only live once, and of course you will want to live a happier life in this wonderful world!

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